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James Datesh

James Datesh is president and CEO of Dacar, Inc., Dacar Industries, Inc. and Dacar Chemical Company.

Mr. Datesh handles ongoing corporate operations and has a wide range of experiences in accounting, marketing, acquisitions, divestitures, venture capital, labor relations, safety & health, contract negotiation, patent litigation and government relations. His role in product development spans 35 years, encompassing chemical formulation, testing, production and field application.

Throughout his career Mr. Datesh has been committed to the practical use of technology. Consequently, he has spent much time in the field working with all levels of personnel. Combining this experience with his efforts in R&D yields products that provide reliable and consistent results.

Mr. Datesh has authored and presented over 20 technical and business papers including: Wall Street to Main Street: Godzilla and the Independent Water Treater; Consolidation and Industry Restructuring in Water and Wastewater Treatment; Galvanized Steel, Cooling Towers, and White Rust.

Mr. Datesh attended MIT and achieved his bachelor's and master's degrees in five years while lettering in three intercollegiate sports. He then entered CMU's Graduate School of Industrial Administration, earning a second Masters Degree.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, BSChE, 1978
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MSChE, 1978
Carnegie Mellon University, MSIA, 1980

Industry Experience
30 years

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