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Diane Morrow

Diane Morrow is general manager of Dacar Industries, Inc. and Dacar Chemical Company.

Ms. Morrow's duties include managing Dacar's water treatment division, purchasing and laboratory. Within water treatment, she has comprehensive responsibility, including product formulation, production, quality control, treatment program selection, field service management, and marketing. Ms. Morrow has extensive experience in field service, taking a hands-on approach with customers.

Ms. Morrow displayed keen instincts for management as well as for technology and customer relations. In 1991, she was advanced to manager of Dacar's water treatment division. Subsequently, with additional responsibilities, Ms. Morrow became General Manager.

She keeps at the forefront of her field by participating in annual meetings that present the latest chemistries and technologies, training methods, marketing trends and industry networking.

Ms. Morrow has designed and conducted more than 300 training seminars on the subjects of water treatment for boilers, cooling systems and wastewater. Her audiences have included engineers, facilities managers, maintenance personnel, mechanical contractors, Dacar personnel, and college classes. She emphasizes the practical aspects of chemical treatment programs.


Community College of Allegheny County, AS, 1983
California University of Pennsylvania, BS, 1985

Industry Experience
28 years

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