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Our Mission

1. To provide our customers no matter their size with:

  • the best technology appropriate to their needs
  • personal service
  • direct contact with our key decision makers

2. To provide a workplace for our employees that is challenging and fulfilling -- one which they look forward to each Monday morning,

3. To leave the environment in and around our facilities better off each day than the day before,

4. To achieve the first three goals while ensuring a healthy future for the corporation.

Our People

James Datesh-President and CEO
Diane Morrow-General Manager

Company Biography

Dacar Industries, Inc. is the oldest Pittsburgh-based company making water treatment chemicals in southwestern Pennsylvania. Founded in 1930, Dacar has been providing chemical technology to its customers for generations, but that is history. What matters to our customers is that we are teaming with them to solve their problems TODAY!

That starts with talented field service people who are concerned with doing things right. And they are backed by top Dacar decision makers who will be directly involved with your program, not far removed by layers and layers of bureaucracy.

Then it takes products. Dacar custom designs each treatment program for each application, drawing upon the many chemistries and technologies available rather than limiting you to one proprietary scheme. Products are developed in the Dacar lab to meet the unique needs of customers.

Dacar's heritage in formulating goes far beyond industrial water treatment, an advantage in addressing other process issues customers might have. Dacar has experience in coatings (rust-preventive, conversion, catalyzed thin-film, powder, refractory, mold release), concretes, adhesives, industrial cleaners & solvents, fuel additives, and a number of other technologies.

The company owns and operates two facilities in Pittsburgh and Carnegie, Pennsylvania with manufacturing capabilities and extensive experience in blending chemical products, both powders and liquids.

Package sizes handled range from 50 pound bags to bulk trucks for powders, and 5 gallon pails to 55 gallon drums, tote tanks to tanktrucks for liquids. Dacar has special expertise in producing water-based slurries, high viscosity mastics, powder blends, and aqueous solutions.

Every employee at Dacar is committed to providing consistent quality to its customers, starting with formulation, raw material selection, and packaging. Laboratory testing of production batches aims to ensure 100% conformance. Dacar will customize a quality program to suit customer requirements.

Dacar has the skilled technical staff to support all of its products and services. We pride ourselves in giving our customers the technical support and training they need and deserve.

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